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Exeter Chiefs' Rob Baxter visits Surfing Cow

Last week we were lucky to have a visit from Exeter Chiefs' Director of Rugby, Rob Baxter. The visit was arranged by Gallagher, as part of the Gallagher Leaders Scrum - an exciting new initiative for business leaders, which our Production Manager, Zoe, was selected to be a part of out of over 100 applicants.

The initiative was set up to help companies in the UK make the right decision on taking risks at the right time for their business, in partnership with Premiership Rugby. One of the many great opportunities provided by the initiative was a visit from a Director of Rugby from a premiership club of your choice, so being a keen Exeter Chiefs fan, it was an easy decision for Zoe.

During the visit we chatted about farming, rugby and ice cream, as well as how to be a good leader and the importance of creating a great culture within your team to get the best results. A tour of the gelato production unit and parlour meant we could put Rob to work, showing him how to create the perfect ice cream, and giving him the inside scoop on Surfing Cow's plans for the future.

A huge thanks to Rob for taking the time to visit and chat with us, and to Gallagher for creating such a great opportunity.

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