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Zoe, our eldest daughter, has joined the business as Office Manager (for the farm and the ice cream) and we have a new office, in the ice cream courtyard, so she is always on hand to help. She has been a massive help to us already on the paperwork side, and it’s good to have youth and enthusiasm boosting our team. She has become known as ‘Techno Zoe’ as her first jobs were to get the WiFi, phones and till working – no mean feat!

We have had a bit of a change around on the farm also. Gregor has joined us to learn to manage the cows and works with Graham and Lawrence. Ben has also joined us on an Apprenticeship and has already become part of the team. Both of them have brought the average staff age down considerably!

Ross is a valued member of the team too and is currently recuperating from an operation – hopefully he will be back soon, fit and well.

Lawrence has taken over rearing the calves to free up Lee to help Becky more often in the ice cream kitchen.

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